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Hospital Indemnity Insurance

A hospital stay could cost a fortune; even worse, unplanned. You don’t have to worry about the hospital admission bills when you have a hospital indemnity plan with Ibekwe Insurance. This supplemental insurance plan supports your regular health insurance by covering the expenses for every hospital stay.

Enjoy a fixed benefit amount provided by your insurance policy to cover additional health expenses including rehabilitation, deductibles, and transportation. This fixed benefit is a pre-arranged sum of money paid to you or your designated person. You determine how much this benefit will be and will not be restricting on how you spend this money.

At Ibekwe Insurance, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy good quality health care. This is why we developed a very flexible hospital indemnity insurance plan tailored to the individual client. Following your needs and budget, you can decide on what you want. Read more about why you need a hospital indemnity insurance policy

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