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The key to having a blissful retirement after years of service is by preparing for it financially. Keep your finances locked ahead of your retirement and enjoy regular pay as soon as you stop working. 

An annuity is a long-term insurance contract where you invest an agreed sum of money over a period of time. Subsequently, you get returns on this investment, regularly paid as pre-arranged. There are various types of annuities.

At Ibekwe Insurance, we offer flexible annuity packages to suit individual clients. There is an annuity product that keys into your interest. Check out our annuity offerings.

  • Fixed Indexed Annuity: Enjoy growth on your investment based on its performance index or indices with our life-fixed indexed annuity insurance investment. It is a long-term saving package with deferred tax that ensures protection against a down market. This product offers you room for more potential growth alongside relatively less risk. Your returns depend on the underlying index’s performance. Going with us on this package grants you benefits such as:
  • Tax-deferred investment
  • Low risk and high growth potential
  • Beneficiary inclusion
  • Guaranteed steady income on retirement
  • Deferred Variable Annuity: This product allows you to defer the taxes on your annuity until you are ready to receive payments. Our clients can select from an inexhaustible list of investments (or subaccounts) to put their money. Investment options could be in money markets, bonds, or stocks. You also determine how you would like to be paid. The pros of the deferred variable annuity package include:
  • Steady Retirement Income
  • Variable withdrawal options
  • Gains on tax deferral
  • Additional benefits like death benefits, survivor’s benefit, and guaranteed lifetime minimum withdrawal benefit (GLWB)
  • The longer you defer your withdrawal, the higher your potential payout.
  • Registered Index-Linked Annuity (RILA): This is an annuity that bases your gains and losses on a stock market index. However, you can preset the maximum loss you can take to protect your savings. It is an example of a tax-deferred annuity. Hence, it guarantees potential investment growth while protecting you from unbearable losses from a market downturn. A lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic is to prepare financially for such situations. At Ibekwe Insurance, we help you make wise financial decisions like preparing for the rainy days. Our RILA product has these benefits:
  • Investment growth opportunity
  • Tax deferral
  • Secured from unbearable losses and market downturns
  • Fixed Annuity: Ibekwe Insurance offers you an opportunity to make a lifetime decision to guarantee financial freedom on retirement. A fixed annuity ensures this, as the contract we pay our clients a fixed interest rate based on their investment for the agreed duration. It has a considerably lower risk than most other forms of annuities that base their interest on the investment’s performance. Hire us for your fixed annuity to enjoy:
  • Tax-deferred earnings and growth
  • Additional benefits like a death benefit
  • Swift access to your savings (early withdrawal federal tax penalty might apply)
  • Predictable return on investment which promotes proper planning
  • Immediate Annuity: Have you retired already or close to retirement and you cannot wait to start getting payments? You should consider our immediate annuity package. You enjoy your earnings immediately or within a year of investing. This allows you to cater to pressing living expenses. Here are the pros of an immediate annuity policy
  • Immediate source of income
  • Cost of living adjustment against inflation
  • Partially tax-free if your capital is already taxed.

At Ibekwe Insurance, we have your annuities covered, and you have your retirement secured.

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